Pregnancy and postpartum physiotherapy


About therapy

Pregnancy is a period during which great changes occur in a woman’s body. Expecting a baby brings various body changes in proportions, breathing pattern and muscle engagement.

Musculoskeletal pains often occur, which are caused by significant changes in the center of gravity, the position of the pelvis and spine, where muscles and joints can be overloaded, and ligaments can loosen. The most common problems are spine and coccyx pain, shooting pain in the groin and buttocks, SI joint blockages, leg pain, migraines, leg swelling, falling foot arch and others. These problems can usually be solved well with targeted and gentle physiotherapy. Thanks to individual personal diagnosis and subsequent therapy, we can help expectant mothers and eliminate pain and problems.

The postpartum period

In the same way, the postpartum period has its specifics, which should be perceived so that the mother can feel joyful and pain-free in her body. And in particular, if a woman has information on how to maintain her inner peace, she will provide the most harmonious environment for her baby not only in her womb, but also after birth.

During pregnancy and after birth, we focus on: