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Bc. Jan Hubáček


For Honza, it is important to understand the individual person, that every body is unique and needs different care. During his studies, he had the opportunity to gain experience both with patients from inpatient wards in hospitals (FN Motol, ÚVN, FN Královské Vinohrady) and in outpatient clinics (State health spa in Jánské Lázně).

About Honza:

He also tried working with professional athletes at the USK Prague basketball team and still works as one of the physiotherapists for the Czech men’s basketball team.

In practice, he uses e.g. soft tissue techniques, mobilization and manipulation according to Mojžíšová and Lewitt, elements from DNS and PNF methods, flossing or kinesiotaping.

Honza is a lifelong athlete, he has been actively involved in basketball for more than 18 years. Personal experiences with injuries taught him to be interested in his own body, but also in the factors that affect our body on a daily basis. Every body is unique and deserves tailor-made therapy.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (2021)
  • Master of Physiotherapy, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (present)


  • Postural-weight-bearing physiotherapy part A: myofascial pain syndrome: methods of working with reflex changes, Bc. Jiří Švarc, Kladno
  • Postural-weight-bearing physiotherapy part B: a comprehensive view of rehabilitation in the trunk and head area, Bc. Jiří Švarc, Kladno
  • Vojta’s reflex locomotion – part A for students of the 2nd Faculty of Arts, Prague 2023