Physical therapy

About therapy

Physical therapy is the practical application of physical treatment procedures and methods to the human body.



Magnetotherapy is a gentle method of physical therapy, where through the action of a pulsed magnetic field, the tissues of the human body are affected at the cellular level, which leads to the alleviation of some health problems and supports self-healing processes in the human body.


Contact electrotherapy uses various forms of electric current that is fed into the body through the skin. It works on the principle of stimulating the affected nerves and muscles with an alternating electric current of different frequency and course. Its application is not painful, but depending on the type and intensity of the selected current, you may feel tingling, pulsation or tingling of varying intensity.


Therapeutic ultrasound

Ultrasound is a mechanical wave where the crystal vibrates in the ultrasound applicator. These vibrations are transmitted to the surface of the body and deeper into the tissue using the gel. Under the influence of ultrasound, there is a micromassage and a local increase in tissue temperature.

Combined therapy

It is a combination of electrotherapy and therapeutic ultrasound, where the ultrasound head replaces one electrode. Combined therapy is one of the most effective methods for finding and eliminating reflex changes in muscles within physical therapy. It is used to alleviate or remove surface or deep-seated trigger points, so-called trigger points. Trigger points are painful places in the muscles that are caused by increased tension in the muscle fibers, and they cause pain not only in the corresponding area, but also so-called transferred pain. Other effects of this therapy include reducing muscle tension and alleviating pain, which in practice is most often used in the area of the trapezius muscle and the upper fixators of the shoulder blades.