Uro-gynecological physiotherapy

About therapy

The specialization of physiotherapeutic care in the field of urology and gynecology has an important role, both in treatment and prevention. By targeting the function of the locomotor system, it can modify, alleviate or completely eliminate women’s problems with specific uro-gynecological problems.


This rehabilitation is primarily focused on:

During treatment and therapy, the muscles of the pelvic floor are mainly worked on. The pelvic floor and its function is an important part of the overall condition of the musculoskeletal system, where cooperation with the diaphragm, abdominal muscles and breathing is essential. In women, the function of the pelvic floor is also often associated with psychological, emotional and physical balance. If it is out of balance, it can cause the health problems mentioned above, such as painful menstruation, difficulty getting pregnant, leakage of urine and others.

The most common approaches in uro-gynecological physiotherapy: