Visceral therapy

About therapy

Visceral manipulation is a gentle, manual therapy that helps to harmonize the tension around the internal organs and thus contributes to their proper functioning.

What do we deal with most often?

Internal organs are surrounded by connective tissue (the fibrous coverings and hangings of the organs) that hold them in place in the body. Healthy connective tissue should be loose enough and move easily to allow organs to move relative to each other, such as when we rotate or bend the trunk.

Contracted or inflamed connective tissue prevents these small but important movements and this can cause discomfort in the area of ​​internal organs and subsequently dysfunction, which can lead to restriction of movement and pain in distant parts of the body, e.g. in the shoulder. The human body is a complex system with many interconnected subsystems that all work together to allow the body to function properly. When one of these systems is disturbed in any way, the body creates a compensation, which over time can manifest itself in the difficulties mentioned above.

An increase in ligament tension can be caused by:

The therapy is non-invasive and painless, uses gentle pressures, strokes and specific mobilization of organs leading to relaxation of ligaments and harmonization of tension. In most cases, it is supplemented with self-therapy in the form of specific exercises or self-pressure.