Our team

Mgr. Jindřich Vocilka


Jindra connected the beginnings of his physiotherapy practice with the Rehamil center under the guidance of PhDr. Jitky Malé, Ph.D. Here he acquired a comprehensive view of the treatment and prevention of chronic pain conditions, especially from the perspective of developmental kinesiology.

About Jindra:

He combined other professional qualifications within the British health system (NHS) in the treatment of patients after orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation after amputation of the lower limbs, where he worked in this interdisciplinary team for the last 7 years. At the same time, he worked as an outpatient specialist in the diagnosis of acute movement problems.

Experiences, including those abroad, directed Jindra to the need to perceive the treatment of the human body in a comprehensive way. At FYZIOCARE, she focuses mainly on adult clients, whom she guides carefully and patiently to understand physical difficulties and eliminate them.


  • Master of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University (2013)
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University (2011)


  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolar (DNS), Developmental kinesiology concept, Part A, B, Banská Bystrica
  • ALERT Course (Diagnosis and Management of Life-Threatening Conditions), Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, UK
  • Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Primary Care, eLFH, Great Britain
  • Seminar Formthotics System, G.P.S. Ofa s.r.o.
  • Workshop Podoscope – examination and clinical interpretation, Mgr. Veronika Kristková, Frydek-Místek