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Mgr. Vendula Černá


During her studies, Vendula gained experience in outpatient, inpatient and spa environments. Already during her master’s studies at FTVS UK, she worked in a physiotherapy clinic, where she cared for both adult and child clients.

About Vendula:

She has been doing sports since she was little, playing table tennis competitively, so she likes to focus on athletes in her practice. She also worked as a physiotherapist for the junior and women’s table tennis teams. Over time, she was increasingly drawn to work with children, which is why she began to specialize in children’s physiotherapy.

At FYZIOCARE, she focuses mainly on babies and children of preschool and school age. It focuses on early diagnosis and therapy of infants and toddlers, handling babies and tries to offer parents practical advice and tips suitable for their baby. What she enjoys most about working with children is their naturalness, joy of movement and zest for life, which is why she conducts therapy in a playful way so that the children enjoy and enjoy the exercise. He actively involves older children and adult clients in therapy and gradually teaches them to be more aware of their own body during movement and common daily stereotypes, so that they can prevent potential problems in the future. Muscle tension and physical difficulties are also connected with our emotions, so in therapy they try to create a pleasant atmosphere and psychological well-being of their clients

Vendula is based on findings from developmental kinesiology and neurophysiology. In therapy, he uses soft and mobilization techniques, cupping, kinesiotaping, physical therapy and individual exercises, where he uses elements from, for example, the DNS, ACT, VRL, PNF and sensorimotor stimulation methods.


  • Master of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University (2019)
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of the University of South Bohemia (2016)


  • Information course Spiraldynamik, MUDr. Hana Haisová, České Budějovice
    Form – function – facilitation, Bc. Clara Lewitová, Dobřichovice
  • Complex therapy of trigger points and global muscle reciprocal inhibition, PhDr. Petr Bitnar, Borovany
  • Viscerovertebral relations and their use in clinical practice, PhDr. Petr Bitnar, Borovany
  • Mobilization in the context of muscle chains, PhDr. Petr Bitnar, Borovany
  • Temporomandibular dysfunction, PhDr. Jitka Malá, Ph.D., Milovice
    Feet and flat feet, PhDr. Jitka Malá, Ph.D., Milovice
  • Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to Kolář (DNS) – part A, B, C, Brno/Bratislava
  • Application techniques in physical therapy, Mgr. Martin Brach, Prague
  • Prevention and therapy of asymmetric motor development in infants and toddlers up to 3 years of age using acral coactivation therapy (ACT), PhDr. Ingrid Palaščáková Špringrová, PhD., Čelákovice
  • Workshop Podoscope – examination and clinical interpretation, Mgr. Veronika Kristková, Frydek-Místek
  • DNS in pediatrics, PhDr. Marcela Šafářová Ph.D., Prague


  • DNS Motolská conference, Prague
  • Physiotherapy in context, Ahama s. r. o., Prague