Price list

Price list of medical and diagnostic procedures provided at the Fyziocare s.r.o. outpatient clinic, which are not covered by public health insurance by health insurance companies of the Czech Republic.

Physiotherapy for adults

  • Complex physiotherapy treatment for adults 45-55 min (self-payers) 1200,- CZK
  • Discounted package of 5+1 therapies (self-payers) 6000,- CZK
  • Additional medical care beyond the scope of the FT voucher 400,- CZK

Physiotherapy of children

  • Psychomotor development consultation for infants and toddlers 40-50 min (self-payers) 900,- CZK
  • Complex physiotherapy treatment for children 40-50 min (self-payers) 900,- CZK
  • Discounted package of 5+1 therapies (self-payers) 4500,- CZK

Physiotherapy for women

  • Comprehensive treatment within the physiotherapy service for women 45-55 min (self-payers) 1200,- CZK
  • Initial examination of the pelvic floor according to the PPA concept* approx. 60 min (self-payers) 1500,- CZK
  • Control examination of the pelvic floor according to the PPA concept* 45-55 min (self-payers) 1200,- CZK

*Examination of the pelvic floor according to the PPA concept is, among other things, supplemented by an examination per vaginam (through the vagina) or per rectum (through the anus).

Additional services

  • Physical therapy (self-payers)* 150,- CZK/application
  • Kinesio tape (depending on the range) 100-200,- CZK
  • Kinesio tape application 15-25 min (self-pay)** 500,- CZK

*Magnetotherapy, ultrasonotherapy, electrotherapy, combined therapy
**Includes examination, application of kinesio tape, kinesio tape, or taping instruction


  • Relaxation massage - 60 minutes 900,- CZK

Reception services and others

  • Administration fee for reception services* 600,- CZK
  • Contract penalty for absence from therapy 250,- CZK

*The administrative fee is used to cover costs associated with reception services, which are not covered by health insurance companies, but are also absolutely essential for ensuring top-quality care at FYZIOCARE s.r.o. The services of the reception are mainly understood as telephone and electronic communication when ordering new clients, re-ordering or canceling therapies of existing clients. In addition, actions related to the explanation of the Informed Consent and the establishment of medical documentation upon arrival (before the first therapy). Last but not least, ensuring a clean, friendly and pleasant environment, including the offer of filtered water or coffee. The reception is also helpful for mothers who come with babies and strollers.

An administrative fee is associated with the actions (see above) of each new FT voucher. This fee is paid before the start of physiotherapy care.

Gift cards

Option to purchase a gift voucher for our services of any value.


We accept payments in cash or by credit card.
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