Treatment of pain


care for proper movement


Mgr. Jakub Bogár


Jakub specializes in the diagnosis and examination of the musculoskeletal system and prescribing the subsequent individual therapy according to the patient’s condition. 

Jakub is also a Registered physiotherapist and member of the Slovak Chamber of Physiotherapists.

The modalities I use include mobilization techniques, soft techniques and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization. My treatments cater to and help people affected by injury, illness and disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. I use the knowledge gained in practice in specialist medical facilities and am constantly expanding my experience and knowledge with update training courses and professional literature reviews.

Practical experience has been gained during my time at university, professional internships, and observation of professionals through my career as a professional sportsman.

Through these environments I was exposed to a vast array of postural and movement conditions and injuries. 
Outside of professional practice, I am and elite athlete representing the Slovak national team in field hockey for men.
 • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Institute of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Medical Rehabilitation UCM (2020)
• Master of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences UCM (2022)


Our care


The team of physiotherapists in FYZIOCARE s.r.o. provides physiotherapeutic care for people with whole body pain (back, joints, muscles,…). An integral part is also the care of infants and children of all ages. We provide care on the basis of an FT Voucher issued by the attending physician or by direct payment to patients.
FYZIOCARE has concluded contracts with insurance companies: VZP (111), OZP (207), ZPMVCR (211), VoZP (201), ČPZP (205).
We focus on diagnostics and therapy:

- back pain (joint blockages, muscle spasms, vertebrogenic pain,…)

- muscle and joint problems (myofascial syndrome, attachment pain, joint pain)

- post-traumatic and post-operative conditions prevention and correction of poor posture of adults and children

- psychomotor development of infants from 6 weeks of age

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