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We are engaged in the examination and possible therapy of babies from 4.-6. weeks of life. Developmental milestones that are good to control in order to take place in the highest possible quality are the period of the 3rd month of life, when the child should be stable in space and rests on his forearm in a prone position. During the 6th month, the baby turns from the back to the abdomen and rises to the support on the outstretched arms. Around the 8th month, the baby gradually reaches all fours. It is important to climb on all fours. After the 10th month, the baby rises to the vertical, first walks around and then begins to walk independently. Umbilical hernia is a relatively common problem in children. This is best influenced by targeted exercise at the earliest age, ideally from 4-6. weeks of the baby's life.
Targeted physiotherapy and the right approach to children also very effectively removes various deviations in their development (non-ideal development in infancy, lack of exercise, excessive load, injuries, etc.). Proper muscle function has a positive effect on the shape and posture of the spine and the whole body. A suitable active approach, based on individually assembled exercises, will help to better involve the muscles, joints and spine in order to minimize pain and wear and tear on the body in the future. In the same way, compensatory exercises are very important for sports children, which prevent overloading of the young body.


Targeted examination and subsequent therapy can use special physiotherapeutic techniques to relieve contracted areas and joint blockages and help with pain very quickly. We also pay attention to clients who have suffered injuries or operations so that they can return to normal life.

The human body has an incredible ability to compensate and can overcome high workloads for a long time. This also applies to the locomotor system. If we do not pay attention to overload for a long time, the difficulties can be chained to the body in various ways, and this is associated with a longer time for them to heal. In our experience, the physiotherapist and the client he works with must always find agreement in a long-term solution.Věnujeme se také klientům, kteří prodělali 
úrazy či operace, kde vhodně zvolená fyzioterapie napomáhá k navrácení do aktivního života.


Exercise and sport sometimes have their pitfalls. Especially if they are performed efficiently or even professionally. It is relatively easy to overload a person, which can lead to pain in the most stressed parts of the body. We also have experience with top athletes, which help us in effective and successful individual treatment for everyone who uses the body more often.

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